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credit: me!

I am issuing a challenge!

Alright, here's the deal. I have recently become obsessed with Macros. And, I have also notice, though there are a few good ones out there, there are VERY FEW Big Bang Macros. So, my challenge to you is:

Make the BEST Big Bang Macro and win yourself a choice of graphics!

Don't know what a macro is? a user on Urban defines it as such:

A macro is a funny picture with a caption in it. Usually used on forums. Macros can be made completely from scratch. Or could be just a still shot of something and someone just adds the caption in. Macro can be made from anything. Real life, Anime, Video games. Macros are just funny pictures with a caption (usually using internet speak such as "lol wut?") That are usually used on internet forums.

An example of a macro is seen here:

credit: thenummyone on kpop_macros

lolz, wasn't that fun? XD

Anyways, if you are going to participate in this challenge, please leave me a comment here with a link to your ORIGINAL Big Bang Macro (stealing is NOT COOL), and I'll collect them all and put them in a large post for every one to see!

Rule Number 1: the Macro MUST be original. You cannot take someone else's macro and claim it as your own. That is ultimate fail.

Rule Number 2: You may submit up to five (5) macros for this challenge.

Rule Number 3: Please only post the links to the images in your comment, not the entire image itself. kthxbai.

Rule Number 4: Resizing in your friend. Please do not let the longest side of your macro exceed 700px. This is simply for convenience, and Macro's are not meant to be OMGHUGE!!1!11!!111!1!!!!

Rule Number 5: don't worry about being ridiculous. Being ridiculous is the name of the game, my friends! I don't care if you think it's corny. I might think it's hilarious! Or someone else might! Haha! Funny!

Rule Number 6: Do not bash someone else's Macro. STFU, moron, no one cares if you don't think it's funny. Someone else might. Enjoy it for what it is.

PS: Yes, you may use a generator like, roflbot to make your macros, if you are photoshop retarded. =3

Okay, so, the prizes will go as follows:

1st Place - 5 graphics of your choice.
2nd Place - 3 graphics of your choice.
3rd Place - 1 graphic of your choice.
Mod's Choice - you get an epic banner of win to display in your LJ, cause I think yours is the awesome-est.

How will voting go?

Well, I like to think the public has a good sense of humor. So, you guys, the LJ folksies, get to vote on the macros! To see which one you guys think is the funniest! You will be voting on quality of humor (is it in poor taste? would you show it to your 78-yea-old grandmother?), and humor level (how freakin' funny is it?). Voting will be annonymous, and you CANNOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF. Voting will be posted in a separate post when I close the contest.

Depending on how many entries I get, I may or may not put a date on the end of the contest. If there is no interest in this, I'll just be on my way and make my own macros to lol at in my free time. BUT! This is all in good fun, and I'm interested in seeing what you guys can come up with! Don't be a bore! Join in the fun!

There has been a link to this entry posted on yg_bigbang and bangingraphics.
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